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– Islamic Society of Algester
– Al Zahra Muslim Association
– Affinity Intercultural Foundation
– Gallipoli Health Services (NATICCI)
– The Islamic Da’wah Centre of Australia
– Turkish Welfare Association
– Islamic Society of Bald Hills
– Building Identity and Resisting Radicalisation
– Darulfatwa The Islamic High Council of Australia
– PCYC Bankstown Jummah
– Afgan Islamic Association Western Australia Inc
– Al-Hidayah Islamic Education Admin INC
– MEFF Multicultural Eid Fest.
– Islamic Society of Ipswich
– QUT Muslim Students Assoc
– Social Islamic Trust of Australia (SISTA)
– Turkish Islamic Association
– DAWA Centre
– Global Islamic Youth Centre
– Islamic Schools Association of Australia
– Human Appeal International Melbourne
– Centre for Muslim States and Societies (CMSS)
– University of WA Muslim Students Assoc.
– Australian Islamic Social Association Inc
– The Fiji Islamic & Cultural Society Of Victoria
– Islamic Society of Manly – Warringah
– Imam Husain Limited
– Australian Islamic House
– jafaria Islamic society of Adelaide
– Lockyer Valley Islamic Association (LVIA)
– Gippsland Australian Muslim Community Inc
– Islamic Society of Gladstone
– AL Tadhkeer Society
– Australian Arab Association
– Muslim Women’s National Network of Australia
– Youth Association GYA Mosque
– Griffith Uni Muslim Students Association
– Islamic Cooloola Regional Association
– Islamic Association of Australia , The
– Islamic Trust Of Victoria
– Independent Islamic Sisterhood Inc
– Islamic Council of Qld
– Muslim Students Association of QUT
– Muhammadi Welfare assoc
– Islamic Egyption Society
– Aged Muslims Association
– Australian Muslim Electoral Taskforce (AustMet)
– Australian National Imams Council Limited
– Australian New Muslim Association
– Human Appeal International Australia
– Islamic Youth Centre in Lakemba
– Islamic Youth Association
– Nahda: Sydneys Dynamic Muslim Youth Movement
– Tripoli and Mean Association (TMA) Ltd
– United Muslim Women Association Inc
– Suburban Islamic Association Campbelltown
– Global Islamic Youth Centre
– Zakaat & Sadaqah Fund Inc
– United Muslims of Brisbane (UMB)
– Islamic Education Centre
– Peel Islamic Cultural Association Inc
– Muslim Association Sunshine Coast
– Centenary Khilafat Hall
– Muslim Business Index
– The Islamic Council of Victoria
– Islamic Information Centre of SA IICSA
– Imam Ali Islamic Foundation Limited
– Goulburn Valley Turkish Islamic & Cultural Society
– Charity Australia International
– Muslim Revert Network
– Western Sydney Turkish Islamic Cultural Centre
– Noor Al Houda Islamic College Pty. Ltd.
– Islamic Association of Australia
– The Islamic Association of Australia
– Islamic Council of the Australian Capital Territor
– Queensland Charity & Welfare Association Inc., The
– Iranians Muslim Association of WA
– Islamic Council of Western Australia
– Australian Islamic Fund
– Federation of Australian Muslim Students and Youth
– Revesby Muslims Assoc
– Bosnian Islamic Society
– Islamic Society of Central Queensland
– Riverstone Islamic Society
– Islamic Welfare Centre
– Islamic Women’s Association of Queensland Inc
– Austra Lanka Muslim Association
– Sydney Muslim Youth
– Centre for Islamic Dakwah & Education
– Islamic society of Toowoomba Inc
– Australia Light Foundation
– iQraa Islamic Centre
– Muslim Business Network
– Warrnambool Islamic Society Inc
– Islamic Council of South Australia Inc, The
– Islamic College of South Australia , The
– Islamic Society of West End
– Islamic Council of Tasmania
– Essence of Life
– Islamic Association of Logan
– Islamic Society of ACT
– Australian College of Arabic
– Newcastle Uni Faith Centre
– Hume Islamic Youth Centre
– Al-Faisal College Limited
– Al Mabarat Benevolent Society
– Australian Indonesian Ass of SA
– Al-Tawaheed Assoc of WA Inc
– Curtain Muslim Students Assoc CMSA
– The Bald Hills Islamic Edu – Ltd
– Turkish Islamic Ass of Canning Inc
– New Muslim Care Brisbane
– The Trustee for Australian Islamic Education Trust
– Islamic & Information Services Network of Aust
– Southern Districts Islamic Inst. Building Foundati
– Jafaria Islamic Society of Adelaide
– Bosniak Islamic Centre of Qld Islamic Society of
– Centre for Islamic Law and Society
– Imam Ali Mosque and Islamic Centre of SA
– Belmont Islamic Youth Centre
– NSW Auburn Turkish Islamic Cultural Centre Inc
– Noble Road
– Australian Islamic Social Associantion Inc
– Afghan Islamic Centre And Omar-Farooq Mosque Inc
– Australian Turkish Islamic Federation & Foundation
– Bosnia Herzegovina Sandzak Islamic Support Group
– Global Islamic Youth Centre GIYC Mosque
– Australian Islamic Forum Ltd
– Belmore Islamic Centre Ltd
– Brisbane Islamic Centre Ltd
– Islamic Awe Foundation Ltd
– Islamic Business Union Pty Ltd
– Islamic Care Queensland PTY LTD
– Islamic Charitable Organisation Pty Ltd
– Jafaria Islamic Society Ltd
– Melbourne Islamic Centre Limited
– Moorooka Islamic Society Pty Ltd
– Saarban Islamic Centre Pty Ltd
– Islamic Education Consultants Pty Ltd
– Al-Furquan Charitable Islamic Pty Ltd
– El Ehsan Islamic Calendar Pty Ltd
– AYCC Australian Youth Community Centre
– Fatima Zahra Islamic Centre Limited
– International Islamic Halal Organisation Pty Ltd
– Islamic Museum of Australia
– Islamic Path Radio Australia Limited
– Islamic Radio and Communication Limited
– Sydney Islamic Cultural Centre Pty Ltd
– The Australian Islamic Education Board
– Toowoomba Islamic Charitable Organisation Pty Ltd
– Western Community Islamic Centre Ltd
– Queensland Islamic Marriage Service Pty Ltd
– Surfers Paradise Islamic Corporation Pty Ltd
– Australian Islamic Society of Dandenong
– Islamic Re and Educational Academy Ltd
– Islamic Society of Northwestern Sydney Limted
– Australian Sudanese Islamic Funeral Services LImit
– Islamic Society of New South Wales Trust
– Imam Hussain Islamic Centre of SA Ltd
– Noor Al Houda Islamic College Holdings Ltd
– Islamic Financial Services Council of Australia Li
– Islamic Community Milli Gorus Australia Foundation
– Luqman Centre for Islamic Education and Re P
– International Islamic Halal – Australia & NZ
– Federation of Turkish Islamic and Cultural Centres
– Int. Islamic Relief – Australia NZ & South Pacif
– Board of Imams Victoria
– Campbelltown Youth Centre
– Al Imaam Islamic Society
– Moorebank (GIYC)
– AIYC – Aust. Islamic Youth Centre
– Islamic Shia Council of Queensland
– Australian Muslim Women’s Centre for Human Rights
– Al Zahra Islamic Council
– Al Zahraa Hall Inc
– Australian Islamic Cultural Centre Ltd.
– Dawat-e-Islami Australia
– Sydney University Muslim Students Assoc SUMSA
– Islamic Information & Support Centre of Australia
– Muslim Student Association of Launceston (MSAL)
– Islamic Centre Of Tasmania Trust Inc
– Islamic Institute Of Education – Act Inc
– Islamic Practice Association Canberra Incorporated
– Islamic Society Of Central Queensland Inc.
– Liverpool Islamic Association Of Australia
– NSW United Turkish Islamic Centre Inc.
– Queensland Islamic Education Charitable Trust
– Queensland Turkish Islamic Cultural Centre
– Somali Islamic Cultural Centre
– Supreme Islamic Council Of New South Wales Inc.
– My Home Respite Centre
– Griffith University Musallah
– Australian Muslim Voice Inc (AMV)
– Nepean Islamic Association
– Islamic Media
– Zamzam Jaji Group
– The Message Magazine
– Islamic Media INternational
– Muslim Welfare Centre
– Lebanese Community Council
– Islamic Mo
– Bankstown Muslim Association
– Islamic Cultural and Information Network
– Amal Charitable Association
– Islamic Society of Liverpool
– Moslem Alamy Society
– The Association of Bhanin Elminieh – The Australia
– Auburn Diversity Services Incorporated
– Auburn Youth Centre Inc
– Assyrian Australian Assoc
– Australian Afghan Hassanian Youth Association Inco
– Alsajjad Islamic Socieity Incorp
– Australian Islamic Foundation Inc
– Australian Islamic Services
– Alghadeer Islamic Association Inc
– Alrahman Islamic Centre Incorporated
– Australian Islamic Mission Incorporated
– Circles of Light Centre
– Time Tick Pty Ltd
– Australian Islamic Board
– Bendigo Islamic Association Inc
– Turkish Islamic Society of Victoria
– Council for Islamic Dialogue Inc
– El Zahra Islamic Community Limited
– Global Islamic Mission
– Hussaini Society of Victoria
– Islamic Association of Katanning
– Islamic Association of NW
– Islamic Burial Services
– Islamic Foundation Australia Inc
– Islamic Institute of Australia Incorporated
– Islamic of Hidayah and Ihsan Assoc Incor.
– Islamic Society of Chermside Inc
– Islamic Trust of Algester
– Victorian Muslim Community Information Service Inc
– Indonesian Islamic Association Incor
– Islamic Community of Nepean Ltd
– Islamic Council of Northern Territory Inc
– Islamic Intellectual Front
– Islamic Society of Palmerston Inc
– Islamic Youth Organisation INC
– Islamic Awakening Program
– Islamic awareness association
– Lakemba Islamic Association Incorporated
– Melbourne Islamic Initiative Incorporated
– Noorulhuda Islamic Association
– Supreme Islamic Council of Western Australia
– Halal Meat Board of Australia
– Future Movement WA
– Southwest Islamic Association Inc
– Australian Islamic House Incorporated, The
– Australian Islamic House Inliverpool area Inc, The
– Islamic Arabic Centre, The
– Perth Ummah Centre
– Islamic Elderly Group Inc
– Islamic Trust Fund, The
– Islamic Association of South Australia , The
– Islamic Society of Whyalla Inc, The
– Progeny Islamic Publications Pty Ltd, The
– Trustee for Zainabya Islamic Centre, The
– Trustee for Toowoomba Islamic Centre, The
– VUT Islamic Society
– Wentworthville Islamic Centre Incorporated
– Werribee Islamic Centre Inc
– Woman’s Islamic Association Incorporated
– Ahul Bait Islamic Association Inc
– Al Ghadeer Islamic Association Inc
– Al Khair Islamic Society
– Al-Ansaar Islamic Association (inc)
– Al-Iman Islamic Society Inc.
– Al-Madina Islamic Centre Incorporated
– Burmese Muslim Organisation Incorporated
– Alawi Islamic Association of Victoria
– Alawi Youth and Recreational Centre, The
– Alrissalah Islamic Association of Australia
– Al_Eslah Islamic Association Incorporated
– Annual Islamic Eid Show Incorporated
– Ashabul Kahfi Islamic Centre Incorporated
– Australian Institute of Islamic Culture Incorporat
– Australian Islamic College Perth Inc Building Fund
– Australian Multidimensional Islamic Centre Inc
– Australian School of Islamic Information
– Islamic Community Milli Gorus Adelaide Inc
– Adelaide Islamic Education Centre
– African Australian Islamic Association
– Al Huda Islamic Centre
– Ararat Islamic Welfare Association Inc
– Australian Kurdish Islamic Centre Incorporated
– Coffs Harbour Islamic Association
– Australian Halal Development and Accreditation
– Austraian Halal Authority and Advisers
– Global Halal Trade Centre Pty Ltd
– Trustee for Global Halal Trade Centre Unity Trust
– Halal Australia Pty Ltd
– Trustee for Halal Australia Trust
– Halal Certification Authority-Australia
– Halal Certification Council Pty Ltd
– Halal Meat Board of Western Australia
– Halal-Sadiq Services
– Halal Supervisory Board of SA for the Kingdom of
– Muslim Care Aust
– Muslim Care Australia
– Trustee for Muslim Outreach, The
– Australian Muslim Media Inc
– Australian Muslim Council Incorporated
– Australian Muslim Lobby
– Australian Islamic board
– Australian Muslim Youth
– Illawarra Muslim Aid Incorporated
– Australia Ahl Al Bait Islamic Centre AABIC Inc
– King Abdul Aziz College Building Fund Account
– Muslim Community Radio
– Muslim Foundation of Australia
– Muslim Funeral Services Inc
– Linking Hearts
– Felicity House
– Melton Muslim Community Inc
– Muslim Assistance Worldwide Inc
– Muslim Legal Network Inc
– Muslim Legal Network MLN
– Muslim Nation of Australia Incorporated
– Sufi Society of Australia , The
– Al-Ashraf Muslim Society of Australia
– Muslim Society of Liverpool
– Spears Sports Club
– Muslim Students Assocation
– Association of Islamic Da’wah in Australia (AIDA)
– Muslim Information Service
– Muslim Teachers’ Association Pty Ltd
– Muslim Youth WA
– Muslim Youth of Truth
– Perth Muslim Association
– Tasmanian Muslim Association
– Association of Islamic Dakwah Australia (VIC) INC
– iDawah Australia Inc
– Trustee for iDAWAH Australia Inc, The
– Somali Dawah Centre
– Al-Jammaj Da’wah Centre
– Australian Community Dawah Centre
– Dahwa.Co Pty Ltd
– Street Dawa Australia Incorporated
– Islam Project Incorporated, The
– Australian Halal Development and Accreditation
– Al-Iman Islamic Society Inc.
– Islamic Association of Geraldton, The
– Turstee for Australian Islamic Youth Centre, The
– Madinah Welfare Inc
– Mercy Mission
– AlKauthar Institute Incorporated
– New Muslim Care Melbourne
– New Muslim Care Brisbane
– Sister’s House Services Inc
– Mercy Mission Media Pty Ltd
– Muslim Council of NSW Inc, The
– Trustee for Muslim Sisters Aid Incorporation, The
– House of Sadaqa
– Young Muslim Association Inc
– Youth Muslim Club Inc
– Koori Muslim Association Inc
– Adelaide Muslim Youth League Inc
– Al Mahdy Muslim Association Incorporated
– Australian Muslim Advocacy Network Ltd
– Australian Muslim Doctors Association
– Australian Muslim Janaza Services Incorporated
– Australian Muslim Youth Network Limited (AMYN)
– Australian Muslim Youth Network Limited (AMYN) QLD
– Al sadiq Incorporated
– Al Sadiq Wal Amana Incorporated
– Al Sadiq Institute Pty Limited
– Al Sadaqah Fisabilillah Foundation
– Artarmon Muslim Community Association
– Austra-Egyptian Muslim Society
– Australian Indonesia Muslim Foundation Inc
– Australia Muslim Sports Federation Incorporated
– Burmese Muslim Sports Association Inc
– Burmese Muslim Youths Organisation Inc
– Burmese Muslim Youths Organisation Inc
– Burmese Muslim Humanitarian Organisation Inc.
– Canberra Muslim Youth (CMY)
– Fremantle Muslim Commnity Association
– Gujarati Muslim Association of Australia
– Hume Muslim Womens Association
– Indonesian Muslim Centre of Queensland Ltd
– Indonesian Muslim Funeral Services
– Al Jannah
– Malay-Muslim Welfare Victoria Inc
– Merhamet Muslim Welfare Association
– Muslim Womens Welfare of australia
– Mbrace New Muslim Support
– Multicultural Muslim You Orginisation Inc
– Muslim Alawite Community Leaders Inc.
– Muslim Legal Network Inc (NSW) Inc
– Muslim Legal Services Victoria Inc
– Muslim Professional Network (MPN) Inc
– Muslim Students Association of Australia Inc
– MSA Career Expo
– MSA Katalyst
– MSA Unigoal
– Muslim Students’ Association of New South Wales
– Muslim Welfare Trust of Victoria
– Muslim Women Revert Group
– Muslim Women’s Business Association (MWBA) INC
– Perth Indonesian Muslim Society Inc
– Polynesian United muslim Association
– Queensland Muslim Welfare Association Incorporated
– Strathfield Muslim Welfare Association Incorporate
– Southern Metropolitan Muslim Association Inc.
– Swan Hill Muslim Association Incorporated
– African Muslim Association of South Australia Inc,
– Tripoli Fayhaa Muslim Association
– Australian Shia Muslim Assembly, The
– Trustee for musim Cemetery Trust Necropolis, The
– Towid Association
– Freemantle Muslim Community Association
– Aligarh Muslim University Alumni of Australia
– Australian Tamil Muslim Association Sydney Incorp
– Australian Indonesian Muslim Cultural Centre
– Australian Muslim Social Services Agency Inc
– Australian National University Muslim Association
– Bosnian and Hercegovina Muslim Socieity SA INC
– Fijian Muslim Ethnic School of SA INC
– Hunters Hill MUslim Religious Association Inc
– Indian Muslim Association of Australia Incorp
– Melbourne Muslim Community Welfare Trust
– Muslim Women’s Association of North Queensland Inc
– Muslim Youth Support Centre Western Australia Inc
– MacquaieUniversity Muslim Students Association
– Muslim Arbitration and Concilliation Centre of Aus
– Muslim Cultural & Youth Association Sydney Inc
– Muslim Family Mediation, Conciliation and Arbitrat
– Muslim Social and Sports Association (WA) Inc
– Muslim Youth Recreation and Education Centre
– Richmond Muslim Community Cooperative RMCC
– South Wollongong Muslim Women’s Assoc Incorp
– Shia Muslim Youth Council of South Australia
– Somali Muslim Community in Victoria Inc
– South Australian Muslim Communities Council incorp
– Hizb Ut-Tahrir Australia
– United Sri Lanka Muslim Association of Australia
– United Sri Lanka Muslim Association of Australia
– Islamic Voice Radio
– Trustee for NSW Sharia Funding Trust, The
– Al-Jannah Da’wah Centre
– Association of Islamic Da’wah in Sth Aus (AIDSA)
– Daawah Association of Western Australia Inc
– Supreme Halal Certification Services Inc