Handstands seem to be the Latest Health Craze

1Handstands are back, and not just for kids in the playground

It may seem like a childish activity, one that many of us haven’t done since we were kids, but handstands are returning as a new fitness activity. As people line up for circus classes and pole dancing sessions, they’re also signing up for handstand classes as the gymnastics practice moves into the mainstream.

In a light-filled pilates studio in Wellington’s CBD, Aaron Burr spends several hours a week leading handstand classes. The 29-year-old teaches conditioning and strengthening classes, preparing students to master the perfect handstand. It takes time, though, and many of his private students are given a six-week training programme to get the body ready for handstands.

The benefits of mastering a handstand? Strong shoulders, wrists and forearms, along with improved balance, stamina and mobility. “Handstands really help sort out posture issues, and help with connecting everything,” he says.