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Firefox and Multithreading – its Here

3A Resurgent Firefox Perhaps

Could this be the beginning of a resurgent Firefox? Chrome has eaten most of the browser market in the US, but people once thought that IE represented an unstoppable juggernaut with an iron grip on the market thanks to Microsoft’s ownership of the PC space.

After eight years of work, Mozilla just took the wraps off its multi-threaded rendering engine and declared it ready for the general public to use. In a new Medium post, Mozilla’s Ryan Pollack discusses how the multithreaded engine works and what advantages and differences Mozilla brings to the table compared with Google Chrome.

Years ago, Mozilla made a fateful decision about the future of Firefox development– one that made it much more difficult to integrate multiprocessing into the existing browser. Mozilla claims that Firefox also uses dramatically less memory than other competing browsers, with Chrome using 1.77 x more RAM than Firefox in 64-bit and 2.44 x in 32-bit mode. Pollack notes that the new project will use Rust, a system programming language Mozilla sponsors.